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Lawn & Shrub Services - Lehigh Valley, PA

Grass cutting, edging,
& shrub trimming

All turf areas should be mowed every seven to ten days, from mid March through mid November. Mower blades will be sharp at all times to provide a high quality cut & minimize disease. Mowing height will be in accordance to grass type & variety. We will blow off clippings from sidewalks, curbs, & roadways, immediately after mowing.


Mulching, recycling, or grasscycling mowers are great at making the clippings small enough to disperse into the grass. Clippings are full of nutrients and can actually reduce your need for fertilizers by as much as 25%. Leaving the clippings on the lawn helps the environment by keeping clippings out of our community landfills!

Shrub & hedge trimming

We will clip to your desired shape 1 - 3 times during summer, until late August, when trimming should cease to reduce the risk of bare patches. Most conifers will not re-grow from old wood. We avoid hard pruning. We prune hedges, only where flowers are desired. We prune at the correct time of year to encourage flowering the following year. Pruning at the wrong time of year could remove growth that will flower next year.


General Clean-ups anytime of year. Clean-ups, when you are getting ready to move. Spring & fall house cleaning? Need help? We can assist you with any type of clean-up that you have. Give us a call today for your no cost quote.

Pressure Washing

We pressure wash your home, sidewalks, driveways, patios, & walkways. Anytime you are in need of pressure washing we can help you with this tedious job. Just call S.O.S. today, we can come out & give you a no cost quote.